Britax Car Seats

Britax car seats are some of the best when it comes to choosing  safety and style.  And with that in mind, Britax has created a line of stylish car seats that are quality made and are exceptionally safe for your baby.  The company has been growing in popularity and when you see their lineup you can see why they have become a leader in the baby product industry.

There are plenty of Britax car seats available in the market. The price range of Britax car seats are a little bit higher than most car seat brands, but the quality of the seats make up for the money spent - and if you think about it, car seats (and your baby's safety, specifically) is something that you don't want to scrimp on. Aside from its safety features, Britax car seats are also comfortable and stylish.

One popular car seat model is the Britax Marathon which is a convertible cars seat. The Britax Marathon can fit your baby's needs from birth up to toddlerhood. It can be used as a rear facing car seat as well as a forward facing car seat once your baby is old and big enough. The car seat also features a five - point safety harness system for increased safety and protection. The car seat's weight limit is higher than regular car seats, as it accomodates infants from 5 to 65 lbs.

The Britax Decalthon, like the Marathon, also accommodates children up to 65 pounds, and is also a convertible car seat as well. However, it goes further than the Marathon providing other features such as a toddler pillow and an infant position system. It also features a front button for harness adjustments. The Decalthon costs a bit more than the Marathon - but its additional features make it a more comfortable car seat for baby, and and makes things easier for parents as well.

The Britax Roundabout is also another convertible car seat from this British manufacturer, and accommodates children up to 40lbs. THe Roundabout has similar features to that of the Marathon model - it is convertible, has a s sculpted base and also features a five point harness for added safety. However, it has a lower weight limit. The Roundabout also has a lower price than the first two models and is perfect for parents on a budget.

For parents who want to splurge and pamper their little ones, Britax offers one of its top of the line car seats - the Britax Boulevard. This car seat costs more than the other models, but it also has plenty of other features such as added side impact protection.

These Britax car seats all offer convenience and safety for child, from infancy up to toddlerhood. They are also certified for flying - keeping your baby safe not just on the road but also in the air. Britax car seats come in different colors and styles, allowing parents to have fun with the design without compromising baby's safety. Car seat covres are machine washable for easier cleaning, and are made from high quality materials so it can last a long time.

Britax car seats are available from the Britax website or plenty of other retailers and online sellers as well.