Britax Marathon Car Seat Review

Britax Marathon Car Seat

Weight of Seat: 17.5lbs

Dimensions: 28H x 19.5W x 25D”

Baby Weight: 5-35 lbs rear-facing, 20-65 lbs (and 1 year) forward facing

Colors Available: “cowmooflage”, grey, black, denim, tan, butterfly pattern, pink, blue, flower pattern

Safety Features: 5-point harness, EPS energy absorbing foam, Engineered & Crash Tested to Meet or Exceed US Standards, True Side Impact Protection, Energy-absorbing Versa-Tether (stops forward movement in a crash), built-in lock-offs, energy absorbing base (crushes in case of accident to absorb force), HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard System) reduces head movement and cushion chest in case of a collision

Front or Rear Facing: rear-facing 5-35lbs, front facing 20-65lbs

Part of stroller system?: no

Extras: harness holders, small contoured base, LATCH equipped, plush seat cover, rear and forward facing recline

MSR Price: $279.99

The Britax Marathon is the first seat in Britax’s line of convertibles that allow a child of up to 65 lbs to be forward-facing and wearing the 5-point harness. This really is a unique line of products, as most seats do not allow harness wearing for nearly this long. When you add this capability to the other common Britax safety features, this really is a safe seat that can be used well into the toddler years.

One feature that the Britax Marathon does not have, which you will find on other Britax seats, is the no-rethread strap height adjustment. This means that when your little one has grown, you will need to remove the seat from the car, unthread the straps through the cover, adjust them, and then re-thread them. This is not dissimilar to other brands of car seats, but on some Britax seats this hassle is avoided.

The Marathon does have a unique feature not found on the smaller Britax seats though: HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard System). They claim this system will prevent the child’s head from moving too much and cushion and protect the chest in the event of a collision.

Owners of this seat have commented that it may be too roomy to use for a newborn infant, as there is no provided infant insert. Many new parents, however, prefer to use a stay-in-car base “click” system that allows the car seat to be used as a carrier for the first 6 months anyhow. Once your child outgrew a carrier, they could transfer to this seat, and then hypothetically use it until they were ready for a booster! The price tag is high, but when you consider that your child can use it until 65lbs (probably over 5 years old), you will get good mileage out of the Marathon!

Because of its capability to carry children to 65 lbs, the Marathon is bigger and bulkier than car seats with lower upper weight limits. If you are concerned about it fitting, just take the dimension measurements and compare them to your vehicles back seat. If it is too big to go behind the driver or passenger seats, it may fit in the middle back seat.

The general consensus from owners of the Marathon seems to be that their children are very comfortable, even on long trips, and they feel they are very safe. “Money well spent” is a sentiment many Marathon owners share.