Sunshine Kids Car Seats

Sunshine Kids Car Seats have grown a lot in popularity in the last few years, and one reason is because of the companies attention to detail and quality. They always test their car seats beyond what the government requires to make sure their juvenile products are as safe as they are fucntional.

Sunshine Kids was actually the first company to make the folding car seat. The Radian car seats the company makes are among some of the top sellers and once you toy with one and see how easy it is to fold up in the back of your car or min van it's easy to see why. It's amazing that no one thought of this sooner, but you better believe other car seat manufacturers are going to be jumping in thos band wagon as soon as they can.

If your child has out grown the convertible car seats or Radian line, then he/she can fit nicely into the Monterey line, which is an expandable booster seat, capable of safely holding children up to 120 lbs and all the way down to 30lbs. Why so much weight? Because they can, and Sunshine Kids car seats are always more than enough for what you will need. This is why parent's love their products. The EPS foam in the Monterey Booster is high quality material as well, and there is enough on each side for side impacts. Oh, and did I mention that this car seat has plenty of flexibility too? The head rest will adjust to 11 different heights to make sure it is both comfortable and safe for your child.

There are a few car seats in the Radian line I should mention as well. There is the Radian XT SL, Radian 80 SL, and the Radian 65 SL. The XTSL is the Cadillac of the lineup and has been tested and tested.  The new latch system means that you don't have to use the seatbelt.  We all know how frustrating it can be to try to find that seatbelt when it is tucked way inside the crevice of the seat, but the LATCH system on the Radian XTSL is good for up to 80 lbs.   And the seat is great for infants too, all the way down to 5lbs.

The other two Radian car seats I wanted to mention are the 80 SL and 65 SL.   These car seats also do not need a seat belt as they employ the LATCH system, but the newer 80 SL has memory foam for a nice comfortable ride.  And remember, if your child is really comfortable he/she is probably sleeping, and that makes for a more peaceful trip for everyone.

I have heard parents rave about Sunshine Kids car seats, and once they start using this brand they usually never go back to anything else.  For great quality and superior craftsmanship you just can't go wrong with these guys.  I don't know of a company that tests their car seats as much and as thoroughly either.