Jenny Lind High Chairs

jenny lind high chairsJenny Lind high chairs are very unique and special for families that are interested in purchasing a high chair that will give their child comfort and safety, while giving their home elegance and simplicity. The design of these high chairs is often adored by many as the spindles look amazing with their designs. Many parents often find themselves reflecting on their own childhoods when they see a Jenny Lind high chair.

Parents that are interested in purchasing one of these high chairs will be able to find them with ease. They are produced Angel Line. This company specializes in baby products and they are reasonably priced. This chair is very easy to clean because it is made from wood. This makes it very easy to wipe off when it becomes dirty. This helps keep the home sanitary and clean. The back of the chair is upright, giving your child support as they learn to sit up by themselves. Another great feature of this chair is that it will easily fit under a table when the tray is removed. This allows your child to really join the family for dinner.

This chair weighs 19 pounds and it can hold with comfort and ease until he or she is over 30 pounds. There is also a waist harness that will keep your child safe and secure while he or she is sitting in the chair. However, some parents may see this as a draw back as many high chairs now have a five point harness that helps keep the child in place. Therefore, some parents may want to purchase this high chair for an older child.

Another great thing about the Jenny Lind high chair is that this design can be pulled into the baby nursery as well. Angel Line produces Jenny Lind cribs and bassinets as well. This gives parents the opportunity to keep this beautiful look as their child grows. Parents will be happy to know that the company will also replace any defective or damaged pieces when the product is purchased. It can also be purchased in a variety of different colors and finishes so families are sure to find something that will fit their taste. It is easy to see that Jenny Lind is a design that will not be going out of style anytime soon. Parents and caregivers are sure to be pleased with the simplicity, yet elegance, of this product when it is purchased.