Bumbo Baby Seat

Bumbo Baby Chairs

The Bumbo Baby seat is gaining popularity among plenty of parents nowadays, and the reason for its following is quite understandable. Aside from being a chair to help baby sit, this innovative product has plenty of other benefits to offer for babies and parents as well.

One of the best things about this revolutionary baby seat is that it allows infants to sit up and look around without any restrictive straps. At around three or four months of age, most babies will start or will want to start interacting with people. By this time they want to be part of the action, but cannot seem to do so because they can't sit up yet. The Bumbo chair allows baby to sit up, bond and be part of the action.

Babies can use the Bumbo seat as long as they can control and hold up their heads and can continue to do so even while they learn how to walk or crawl. Some babies outgrow the Bumbo seat at around ten to twelve months, but other babies learn to get out of the seat earlier. The Bumbo chair should always only be used on the ground and should never be placed (with a baby) on high surfaces.

Bumbo looks like hard plastic, but it is actually made from non – toxic and environmentally friendly polyurethane, which is a low density foam material. The material is soft but firm and is comfortable to sit on. The leg openings of the chair are at a higher level than the seat, providing the right support for the baby's lumbar area, making the chair ergonomic. Plenty of pediatric and orthopedic faculties recommend and endorse the chair because it assists in the development of an infant's spine. The raised leg openings also increase the flexibility of the hips and knee joints of the baby, which then also decreases the stress on the spine.

The Bumbo chair is manufactured following the highest safety standards. As long as parents follow the safety instructions of the chair, then there should be no problem with the chair at all.

The Bumbo chair is a very versatile piece of baby item. It's low density foam material makes the chair lightweight and portable. Parents can take it from room to room, or even while visiting family and friends. The Bumbo chair can be used outdoors, such as the beach or the park – and is perfect to use for feeding.

The chair promotes family bonding by allowing the child to sit down and interact with other people in the room. The chair is perfect for feeding time, reading time, play time or even bonding time, and also serves as a perfect mother's helper especially when attending to more than one child.

The Bumbo seat comes in a variety of colors such as aqua, blue, lime, yellow, lilac and hot pink. The manufacturers of the chair have also come up with a separate Bumbo Play Tray, which has toys attached to it. The play tray promotes visual stimulation and improves hand – eye coordination of the baby, and keeps them preoccupied for a longer period of time.

The Bumbo seat is basically that extra pair of hands that most parents have been looking for, and makes a perfect baby shower or christening gift for any expectant or new mother.