Recaro Vivo Booster Car Seat Review

recaro vivo booster sear

Recaro Vivo Booster Car Seat

Weight of Seat: 11lbs

Dimensions: 24H x 16.5W x 13D”

Baby Weight: 30-100lbs, max. height 59”

Colors Available: black, tan, red, grey, pink

Safety Features: energy absorbing foam, Engineered & Crash Tested to Meet or Exceed US Standards, Recaro Side Impact Protection (SIP), reinforced aluminum structure

Front or Rear Facing: front-facing only

Part of stroller system?: no

Extras: one-hand headrest adjustment, 3 recline seating positions, microfiber cover, ventilation system,

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One thing many parents feel when switching to a booster seat is that they are sacrificing a bit of safety. With the Recaro Vivo Booster seat, they can feel much more secure. Although it is a booster seat it still has an aluminum reinforced structure and Recaro’s acclaimed Side Impact Protection (SIP), developed using the company’s safety knowledge gathered through years of designing seats for racing cars.

Many parents find that their children, if petite, are too small to fit comfortably into high-backed booster seats, but the Recaro Vivo seems to fit these children better than most. In addition, just because your child is big enough for a booster, it doesn’t mean they will stop napping on those long car rides – the Vivo’s cushioned side headrests will allow them to dose off in comfort and not strain their necks. The fact that the Vivo also reclines in three positions may also help with napping on long trips.

The narrow footprint of the Vivo (16.5”) makes it an attractive choice for those wanting to fit three car seats across the back seat in a car or truck. In fact, many of Recaro’s seats are between 14.5” and 19” across, so a combination of Recaro seats could eliminate your worries about having to upgrade to a large van or 3 row SUV!

Some users say that the seatbelt guides leave something to be desired – that the seatbelts bunch or that it requires fiddling to get the belt to sit correctly. Others report no problems however, so this may be an issue of mechanical aptitude. One way or the other, the seat has a high safety rating, so if you read the manual you should be able to install the seatbelt in a safe manner.

Typical of Recaro, this booster seat costs more than a basic-line booster seat, but also typical is that you get what you pay for. A booster seat with safety features, beautiful (washable) fabric, easy (though occasionally irksome if you don’t read the manual) installation, and great style.

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