Safety 1st Go Hybrid Booster Car Seat Review

Safety 1st Go Hybrid Booster Car Seat

Weight of Seat: 9lbs

Dimensions: 23-27H x 17W x 17D”

Baby Weight: 22 (and one year)-65 lbs front-facing 5-point harness, 65-100 pounds booster

Colors Available: black, grey, red, blue, tan

Safety Features: 5-point harness, energy absorbing foam, EPP Engineered & Crash Tested to meet or exceed US Standards

Front or Rear Facing: front only

Part of stroller system?: no

Extras: QuickFit harness system (no re-thread) , LATCH equipped, folding design which is great for travelling, travel bag included, SafeGuard Secure advanced restraint system

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Safety 1st boasts the the Go Hybrid Booster car seat installs in under one minute! How could any parent resist that marketing scheme?! It also folds in half and comes with a travel bag, and only weighs 9lbs, so if you are a parent who likes to travel by air, or you want to carry you car seat around for any other reason, this is definitely the one! If you are going on holidays and are concerned about taking your baby in cars or taxis on the trip, just take this seat along!

Owners say it is very light and easy to carry when folded up. One other group of consumers who may find this the ideal car seat are those who do not own a car (public transport users) but who would like a car seat to use in friends cars or in cabs/taxis. You could take it on the bus in a carry bag, and then install it in 60-90 seconds in the cab or friend’s car! Wow.

One important thing to note is that the top-tether is required for use in 5-point harness mode. For this, it is very important to read the instruction manual before installation and to ensure that your vehicle is able to use the tether function – not all cars have this tether-hook, and the seat will not work without it. If you are buying this to use in cabs, lots of cabs do have the tether hook, so don’t be too worried. If you want, just phone your local cab company (the one you usually use) and ask about the hook.

The trade-off for such portability is that users find the seat is quite upright sitting, so for children closer to the lower weight limit (20-some pounds) this may not be a good everyday seat. Especially on long trips, small babies could find this uncomfortable for sleeping.

Another great advantage of this seat is that the forward-facing harness is good up until 65lbs! This is a very high weight limit for a 5-point harness (though 80lb seats can be found), and will keep your child much safer in a crash than a belt-positioning booster seat.

Also because of the portable design of this seat, it does sit lower in cars than some other harness/booster seats. This could be good, however, if you have a small back seat or visibility problems with some of the ‘monster size’ booster seats! Rest assured that despite its smaller appearance it has passed all safety tests and will keep your child secure.

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